KLEX Depeche Mode Two

KLEX Pirate Radio Depeche Mode June 2022

Depeche Mode has been huge for me pretty much all of my life. This is the second in a series of mixes that will showcase my favourite Depeche Mode tracks – These cover my junior high and high school years and are just the best (of course). Eternal love and respect to Depeche Mode. RIP Andy Fletcher

Please enjoy

People Are People—Master And Servant (An ON-U Sound Sci-Fi Dance Hall Classic by Adrien Sherwood)—Blasphemous Rumours—Somebody (Remix)—Shake The Disease—Fly On The Windscreen (Extended)—A Question of Lust (Flood/Minimal Mix)—New Dress—Stripped—Black Celebration—A Question of Time—But Not Tonight (Margouleff Dance Mix)

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Posted: June 26th, 2022
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